Media Center


  • Students are allowed 2 books at a time for 2 weeks 

  • Chromebooks are available for all students. Please sign and return the Acceptable Use contract as soon as possible and return to the school so your student may check their Chromebook out.

Book Suggestions

  • Please fill out the form linked below for book suggestions you would like to see in the media center. I will use them to help make decisions on future purchasing

  • Book Suggestion Form

Information About Available Books

  •  In order to meet the needs of all of our CMS students we have books and resources that are of varying interest and reading levels.

    • Included in these levels are books that are labeled YA(young adult). These books are labeled YA because they may include content at 13+ maturity or Upper grades/high school reading levels. 

  • Please have a conversation with your student about what is expected from you as a parent about what you allow your student to read.

  • If you do not feel that your student is ready for certain or all YA books, please let your student know this so they know to avoid the books labeled with the YA.