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Please understand that while we strive to ensure that all web pages you visit from these links are relevant to your needs, we cannot be responsible for the information posted. If you plan on sending your child to one of the external websites, please preview the content of the site first.


    • KidsHealth is devoted to providing the latest health information for parents, kids, and teens. Created by the medical experts of The Nemours Foundation, the Alfred I. duPont Hospital for Children in the Philadelphia/Wilmington, Delaware, area, the Nemours Children's Clinics throughout Florida, and other children's health facilities nationwide, KidsHealth is constantly adding new content and features.

    How Much Sleep Do I Need?

    Teens are often given a bad rap for staying up late, oversleeping, and sleeping in class. Thanks to new studies, though, adults are beginning to understand that teens have different sleep patterns.

    To read more, go to



    • This is a fun website on nutrition. It includes games, links to other websites, articles, and recipes! 



    • This is a great website for nutrition. You can find nutritional values for fast food restaurants and also input your personal data to find your calorie and nutrition needs. 


    • This website is another tool to calculate your BMI (body mass index).



    • Want to have a fun way to learn about the state of Georgia while logging in your physical activity minutes? Go to this website and the minutes of physical activity that you log in will be converted to miles traveled. You can then “travel” the state and learn all about the locations you visit. 

Parents-Are you trying to quit smoking or using tobacco?

Call the Georgia Tobacco Quit Line and they will help you quit the habit. The results with this program have been very good. And, it’s FREE!

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