Exploratory \ Connections


The Middle School Agricultural Education Program is a complete program based on three Exploring Agriculture classes and membership in the National FFA Organization. Students will have the opportunity to learn leadership skills, how to care for animals, plants, and the environment, how to use tools safely and how agriculture affects the economy and each individual. FFA membership will provide additional opportunities outside of the classroom to broaden and enhance their classroom experience locally and around the state.  Please contact Ms. Chelsea Begnaud for more information.


Art class at Camden Middle School is a product-based class that provides opportunities for students to learn and use techniques specific to creating artwork. Along with the techniques and skills that are learned in order to produce art come life skills such as observing, envisioning, innovation through exploration, reflective self-evaluation, and the ability to experiment and learn from mistakes. Critical thinking and problem solving skills learned through the production of artworks are skills that will benefit students throughout their academic careers. Please contact Ms. Pam Johnson


The Camden Middle School Band Program is the home for our awesome band students! The program begins in the 6th grade where they learn the fundamental techniques and basic skills of playing their instrument. Band students continue to develop and master those skills through the 7th and 8th grade. The Band Program consists of the 6th Grade Beginning Band, 7th Grade Band, 8th Grade Band, Festival Band which combines 7th and 8th grade students for GMEA Large Group Performance Evaluations and Jazz Band. Students have the opportunity to receive high school credit for participating in 8th grade band.

The CMS Bands perform two to three concerts each year including a winter concert in December and a Spring Concert in May. The 7th and 8th Grade Band also prepares a Festival program each March to perform at the GMEA Large Group Performance Evaluations.

Please check out the CMS Band Website for More Information:

CMS Band Website


Business Class 1- This course is designed to help students learn to work together and use effective customer service skills along with writing appropriate emails and thank you letters. Student will use team building skills to learn how to work with others and use each other as a resource in the classroom and work field.

Marketing – Students will learn about marketing their business and designing a product to sell by building models and working on teams to collaborate their ideas.

Personal Finance – Students learn how to use their money wisely and how to plan for the future through investing and making decisions about finance. Students get to work on these skills throughout the quarter.


After years of not being offered in the county, Camden Middle School Chorus is back! Students may choose one of the following options:

General Music/Chorus- This quarter-long course teaches music fundamentals, which includes reading music, and an introduction to basic singing skills.

Chorus- In this year-long course,  6th grade students will learn singing fundamentals, while 7th and 8th grade students continue to progress while learning more advanced singing techniques. Students in this class will perform in at least 2 concerts a year (Winter and Spring), and will have several other performance opportunities throughout the year. 
For more information contact Mr. Eugene Dorestal.


Course designed to provide knowledge, skills and opportunities students need to make decisions that lead to an optimal level of well being and healthy living.

Sex education and AIDS prevention. Notification Form

Physical Education

Course designed to provide students with the opportunity to learn the information and skills necessary to be active and healthy for their entire lives. Students also learn cooperation and teamwork skills that can be applied in family, school, work, and community situations.

Students are expected to bring appropriate clothing and footwear for athletic activities. Athletic clothing items are not to be worn to their other classes.

Grades are earned by participation which includes dressing out for PE activities daily.

Spanish and World Culture