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Camden Middle School was built on 35 acres that were donated by Gilman Paper Company in October, 1980. Funds for the school were secured through the State of Georgia prior to the school being built because of the expected rapid growth as a result of Kings Bay Naval Submarine Base coming to the area. A check for $4.5 million was put into a savings account and drew enough interest to pay for the cost of the building plus all of the furnishings for a total of $5 million. This funding in advance was the first and only time this had been done in the state of Georgia

Serving an original capacity of 850 students in January 1982, Camden Middle School was dedicated later that spring during a presentation where Georgia Governor George Busbee was the featured speaker.

Additions have changed the original floor plan of the school to include new 6th grade and 8th grade wings that feature a band room, computer lab, and science labs, as well as a fully-accessible front office and guidance area. There have been as many as 1400 students attending the new Camden Middle School with current enrollment of 1000+ students. As Camden County has grown, so has Camden Middle School.


Camden Middle School prepares all students to be successful in high school, to be good citizens, and to set life-long goals.


We will ensure a safe and caring environment where all students develop skills and gain
knowledge necessary to be successful in life.


Everyone can learn.

Education is a major building block for success.

Education is the shared responsibility of the school, students, parents, and community.

Everyone deserves a safe learning environment.

Strength comes from diversity of people, resources, and programs.

Efficient and effective operations ensure a quality environment.

Students deserve highly qualified, motivated, and talented teachers who hold high expectations.

Educators deserve to teach in a classroom free of disruptions and distractions.

Student success and independence are greatly impacted by effort and attitude.

Progress comes from willingness to change.