Parent\Teacher conferences must be scheduled through the guidance office.

Call 729-3113 to schedule a conference.


At Camden Middle School, we believe in and encourage open communication between parents and teachers.
Often questions and concerns can be answered via email. Simply click on the teacher's name and a new email message will open.
When corresponding with teachers, please remember to include the student's full name. 
Exploratory teachers appreciate inclusion of the student's grade level. 
Exploratory teachers teach all three grade levels and have six classes each day.
Last Name First Name Email Address
Aviles Inga iaviles@camden.k12.ga.us
Boehm Natalee nboehm@camden.k12.ga.us
Brady Amber abrady@camden.k12.ga.us
Brimhall Andria abrimhall@camden.k12.ga.us
Brown Dana dbrown@camden.k12.ga.us
Bruce Christina cbruce@camden.k12.ga.us
Burch Jana sburch@camden.k12.ga.us
Carpenter Carole ccarpenter@camden.k12.ga.us
Carpenter Tyler tcarpenter@camden.k12.ga.us
Carter Melissa mcarter1@camden.k12.ga.us
Chester Karyn kchester@camden.k12.ga.us
Christy Alan achristy@camden.k12.ga.us
Coats Kenneth kcoats@camden.k12.ga.us
Coley Mitch mcoley@camden.k12.ga.us
Companion Erin ecompanion@camden.k12.ga.us
Connell Jennifer jconnell@camden.k12.ga.us
Conner Steve sconner@camden.k12.ga.us
Cotton Heather hcotton@camden.k12.ga.us
Crum Brian bcrum@camden.k12.ga.us
Daniels Geneva gdaniels@camden.k12.ga.us
Dawson Ivy Idawson@camden.k12.ga.us
DiLeo Lindsey ldileo@camden.k12.ga.us
Dodson Christine cdodson@camden.k12.ga.us
Ellerson Kimberly kellerson@camden.k12.ga.us
Garcia Maribel mgarcia@camden.k12.ga.us
George Marianna mgeorge@camden.k12.ga.us
Gibbs India igibbs@camden.k12.ga.us
Godwin Kira kgodwin@camden.k12.ga.us
Hall Linda lhall@camden.k12.ga.us
Halstead Melissa mhalstead@camden.k12.ga.us
Heron Heath hheron@camden.k12.ga.us
Herron Thomas therron@camden.k12.ga.us
Howard Richard rhoward@camden.k12.ga.us
Jackson Melissa mjackson@camden.k12.ga.us
Johnson Pamela pjohnson@camden.k12.ga.us
Jones Candace cjones@camden.k12.ga.us
Joyner David djoyner@camden.k12.ga.us
Kelley Patrick jpkelley@camden.k12.ga.us
Kolgaklis Sara skolgaklis@camden.k12.ga.us
Konrad Jason jkonrad@camden.k12.ga.us
Kruschwitz Shannon skruschwitz@camden.k12.ga.us
Letson Dana dletson@camden.k12.ga.us
Lewis Wendy wlewis@camden.k12.ga.us
Lott Amanda alott@camden.k12.ga.us
MacArthur Thomas tmacarthur@camden.k12.ga.us
Masch Regan rmasch@camden.k12.ga.us
Massey Leatha lmassey@camden.k12.ga.us
McCage Pamela pmccage@camden.k12.ga.us
Middleton Gail  gmiddleton@camden.k12.ga.us
Middleton Joanie jmiddleton@camden.k12.ga.us
Millan Zach zmillan@camden.k12.ga.us
Miller Sydnee smiller@camden.k12.ga.us
Monroe Alison amonroe@camden.k12.ga.us
Morris Elissa emorris@camden.k12.ga.us
Morrow Robert rmorrow@camden.k12.ga.us
Mowbray Eric emowbray@camden.k12.ga.us
Mudd Tyler tmudd@camden.k12.ga.us
O'Brien Candice cobrien@camden.k12.ga.us
Podrasky Clara cpodrasky@camden.k12.ga.us
Proo Aurora aproo@camden.k12.ga.us
Roberts Rob rroberts1@camden.k12.ga.us
Rockett Susan srockett@camden.k12.ga.us
Rowe Mary mrowe@camden.k12.ga.us
Rutherford Stephanie srutherford@camden.k12.ga.us
Seymour Kylee kseymour@camden.k12.ga.us
Sheffield Mason msheffield@camden.k12.ga.us
Simmons Bobbi bsimmons@camden.k12.ga.us
Simmons Tiana tsimmons@camden.k12.ga.us
Sopp Danielle dsopp@camden.k12.ga.us
Spencer Kara kspencer@camden.k12.ga.us
Stevens Sondra sstevens@camden.k12.ga.us
Stewart Susan sstewart2@camden.k12.ga.us
Thomas Shawn sthomas1@camden.k12.ga.us
Visnic Emily evisnic@camden.k12.ga.us
Walker Anueke awalker2@camden.k12.ga.us
Walker David dwalker@camden.k12.ga.us
Watson Alicia acwatson@camden.k12.ga.us
Weaver Rebecca rweaver@camden.k12.ga.us
Wheater Jeff jwheater@camden.k12.ga.us
Yeomans William wyeomans@camden.k12.ga.us
Powerschool Information

Powerschool Information

Teachers usually have grades entered by Wednesday for assignments due and received the previous week.
Teacher email links are included on Powerschool also.
Parent and student Powerschool login information is provided during enrollment. If you need help with your account please contact CMS guidance.
Parents have a different log on than the student and can set up the account to monitor one or more students' information with a single log in. Set up your account and proactively monitor your student's progress using Powerschool account set up information.
Powershool items showing up blue have links to more information.
Students can monitor their own grades and become responsible for tracking progress and completing missing assignments in a timely fashion.